July 23, 2010

Diabolus Ex Machina

Despite the excellent irony of using my blog to complain about this, I'm so sick of technology today. I need to vent about it, and you're a patient, silent audience.

First, the touchscreen on my phone stops working. So I take it to AT&T to get a new one, and I'm told that unless I want to go to Mayfield Heights or Pittsburgh, I can't have it replaced on the spot. I have to call their customer service and have a mailer shipped to me along with a new phone. First of all, screw that noise. I know you have several of the kind of phone I have sitting in the back. Give me one, and order more. Dammit. 

So I call the number, and finally, 5 minutes into the call, the robot informs me that I need the last four digits of the Social Security number of the primary account holder. Which would be fine, except that for my family its not me, its my mom. Who is at work. Fuck you, AT&T customer service. I should have had my new phone a week ago when I drove my ass to your store.

Next, Zipline goes down while I'm at work today (for the uninitiated, Zipline is UA's student homepage service).  The ensuing mob of angry patrons has made my job quite difficult. My job isn't supposed to be difficult. This is minor, but its just one of the pieces of straw breaking my back.

Finally, my computer is evenly split between my Windows 7 partition and my Linux Mint partition. Now, I know all you techies insist on the superiority of Linux. And you know what? For what you're doing, you're right. For what I'm doing, I'll just stick with Windows 7. I wanted the 80-some gigs of space back from Linux, so I went to delete it from its partition and to set up a storage drive. Everything is good, except that Disk Manager refuses to let me create a new drive from the newly Linux-free partition. So, I think, oh, I'll just reboot, I'll bet it needs rebooted, reboot is always the answer!

GRUB loading.
error: no such partition
grub rescue> _

FUCK. I forgot that the boot menu was loading from the Linux partition. Now, this is all my fault. I'm the one that altered the boot file in the first place, and I'm the one that just straight-up deleted the Linux partition. But its still aggravating as hell. Now, I need to find my Linux Mint CD, live boot, and hope like hell that I can reinstall it to its old partition so that I can get the boot menu back.

Once I do all that, I'll still be down 80 gigs of useless, Linux-y space. 

I want a new laptop. And a new phone. Someone want to get me both?


  1. At least you're going back to W7 and not something stupid like OSx or Snow Leopard....

  2. The follow up to this story is: I had to install Ubuntu, but I got my computer and the space I wanted back. Also, I got a new phone. So life worked out in the end.